Protein Pancake Reviews

Protein Pancake Recipes That Will Give Your Mornings a Kickstart

Everybody who considers themselves to have a healthier lifestyle than average would agree that breakfast is the single most important meal to partake during the day. However, like anything, you need to be careful what you eat, which is why we created this website specifically for information pertaining to pancake protein mix. Protein pancake mixes are quickly becoming the “thing” amongst those who fancy protein shakes. Down below, we’re going to share with you a few protein pancake mixes that will surly give you a positive kick start to any morning. Let’s check them out.

Gluten Free, High Protein Pancake Recipe

The secret to this pancake is egg and banana. That may sound gross, but we promise that it tastes very good and also gives you a solid intake of protein that you are needing to feel energized and full throughout the day. In order to successfully make this pancake mix, you will need to mix two eggs whisked, one medium ripe banana, mashed. One tablespoon of ground flaxseed which is a great source of healthy fat, one tablespoon of vanilla extract, and a few shakes of cinnamon which adds flavor (mix gently). After pouring some of the mix into the frying pan wait about ten minutes and then make sure the pancake is solid enough to flip. If the pancake is solid, go ahead and flip it. Note: it only takes a minute once you flip the pancake to complete cooking. Once the pancake is fully cooked, eat it plain or top it with fruit or yogurt. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes (Favorite for Women)

Women who take the time to prepare pumpkin protein pancakes say that this recipe totally rocks their world and is often times noted to be the most favorite recipe out of all other protein pancake recipes. First of all, to get started, you are going to need a few ingredients. First, start with two tablespoons of canned pumpkin, one-half of a medium ripped banana, one egg, one scoop of vanilla protein powder, one tablespoon of flaxseed (healthy fat), a half a tablespoon of cinnamon, and one-fourth tablespoon of nutmeg for flavor. Mix gently. Once you have successfully mixed all of your protein pancake ingredients you then need to pour your mix into a blender which will ensure all chunks are smoothened. Once the mix is smooth, you need to heat an eye on your stove with medium heat. Poor batter onto griddle allowing the mix to cook between two to three minutes. This recipe will make between two and three different pancakes, depending on how much batter you use per serving and the size of your frying pan. Once complete, feel free to top with banana, yogurt, or fruit to add additional flavorful taste. If you are looking for a great pancake that offers non-boring flavor, look no further than the pumpkin protein pancake mix, you are going to love it!

The Coconut Protein Pancake Mix

This pancake is for the coconut lovers! combine coconut flour, coconut extract, banana, and egg whites to make a thick and hearty high-protein pancake loaded with healthy fats. Top it with shredded coconut, chia seeds, and sunflower butter. If you would like to make this unique protein pancake mix you need to start with using the following ingredients. One ripe banana, one fourth cup of coconut flour, one half cup liquid egg whites, one teaspoon of liquid coconut extract, one teaspoon of baking powder, and a pinch of shredded coconut for flavoring. Once you have collected all of your ingredients you need to put them all together using a blender. Run the blender until you are sure that the pancake mix is totally smoothened and ready to cooking. Preheat a skillet (medium-low heat), spray with non-stick spray, and pour in half of the batter while shaping it into a pancake with a spoon. Heat until partially cooked and flip pancake. Once the batter has been fully cooked you can top the pancake with something healthy such as a banana, yogurt, or berries which add an additional flavor.


Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes

Eggs and cottage cheese provide the protein in this recipe from The Lean Green Bean. The addition of oats and sweet potatoes come together to create hearty pancakes that taste like an egg-y French toast. Before we get started with the recipe for sweet potato protein pancakes you should know: If you are looking for fluffy, traditional pancakes, these are not for you. There is no protein powder in these pancakes. They are high in protein thanks to the other ingredients included in the recipe. Not everyone will like these, as they have an indifferent texture. Since these pancakes are not made with flour they will be a little “wet” in the middle after cooking. However, while cooking these pancakes, if you are patient they will set up and you can easily flip them like regular pancakes. If you would like to make these pancakes you will need the following ingredients. Two eggs, one fourth cup of oats, one half cup of cottage cheese, one half cup of cooked mashed sweet potato, one half teaspoon of baking soda, one half teaspoon of baking powder, one teaspoon of sugar, and peanut butter for additional flavoring.

Patience is the key when cooking these. Pour in the batter, let the batter sit for 4-5 minutes, flip them and let them sit for a few minutes and then flip them again and let them cook a little more. You can’t have your heat too high otherwise they will burn…but the longer cooking time helps them solidify a bit more in the middle. Once you have allowed the batter long enough to cook and are sure that the pancake is ready to eat, pull the pancake from the pan and let cool for a minute. Before eating, add a topping such as fruit, berries, or yogurt to add additional flavoring to your meal.